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Épine Noir Society

Building on the shoulders of giants, we honor the creators of our histories while nurturing the creations of our future

Storytelling       Philosophy       love       Equality     Art             

Stories, Art and Ideas are the lifeblood of the human race, they keep us moving forward while learning from the past, they help us think and thrive by allowing us the opportunity to explore ourselves through someone else’s life and philosophies. The societies humanity created have always been reflected in their art. It stimulates our imaginations, creating worlds where there was once nothing. We believe that artistic and ideological creation can truly move us forward as a civilization - if we acknowledge and find inspiration within them. We should be in constant dialogue with historical events and myths within history, as well as the art and literature which came into being alongside them. We must draw from what we have, and we have infinite sources for inspiration in the histories of humanity. History repeats itself and the more we can learn from it, the easier it may be for us to survive because history shows us how we have thrived.

The Épine Noir Society was founded to inspire a love of thought and art, building on the shoulders of Giants and in the hopes of nurturing the Giants on which our descendants shall build. Through weekly discussions on creators, works and words, we perpetually strive - and fail - to define art.

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